Brass Instrument Repair

We offer several levels of service for your trumpet, trombone, horn, baritone, or tuba, from playing condition repairs to complete overhauls.

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Cleaning your brass instrument is cosmetically attractive but is also important to prevent the buildup of dirt, tarnish, and gunk. Clean instruments look, play, and smell better.

We use environmentally safe yet effective protocols to clean your instrument, inside and out. We remove the dirt, grease, and green and white calcified “stuff.”

As part of the cleaning procedure, tarnish is removed from your instrument. For a brilliant, like-new appearance, we can polish your silver-plated instrument.

Valve and Slide Fitting

Valves and slides are checked for alignment and adjusted as needed. Rotary valve strings, linkages, and bumpers are regulated for correct response. Felt bumpers and corks are replaced as needed.

Trombone hand slides are meticulously straightened and leveled for the smooth, responsive action.

Body Work

Dents are removed as part of your instrument’s repair. We have a broad selection of dent removal equipment and can remove dents from any location on your instrument. Some hard-to-reach dents, such as in low brass branches, can be removed without disassembling the instrument using magnetic dent tools.

We also have a full range of soldering equipment, so we can repair anything from a loose brace to a split seam that needs silver soldering.

With our attention to detail and precise workmanship, your brass instrument will play effortlessly and stay that way.

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