Frequently Asked Questions

Click the "Contact" link at the top of this page, complete the form, and we'll reach out to set up an initial consultation, at no cost or further obligation.

We also offer mail-in repair services.
The shop address is 273 Ohio Road, Lake Worth, FL 33467, near the Lake Worth exit of Florida's Turnpike, not far from West Palm Beach.

We are in the shop most weekdays, by appointment only.

We're not here 24/7, we don't keep fixed hours, and we're not available weekends.
We repair woodwind and brass instruments and mouthpieces of every brand, vintage, and condition. We can locate or fabricate missing parts if needed.

Our founder and senior tech performed music professionally for 30 years, on multiple woodwind and brass instruments, so your instruments are always checked by someone who actually can play the instruments we repair. When you pick up your instrument, we are able and willing to perform a play test/demonstration. We might even take requests...

We don't repair string, percussion, or electronic instruments. We don't repair instrument cases, accordions, or bagpipes. We don't repair harps; neither the traditional kind you'd find in a respectable venue, nor "blues harps" (harmonicas) typically found elsewhere - although the boss was hired to play "blues harp" in church on several occasions (and far less sacred locations more frequently). We also don't repair brass lamps or car bumpers (yes, we've been asked!)

Finally, we don't repair aluminum fishing rods. After all, you can't tune a fish. "Dad jokes" and (justifiable) groans from our dear readers aside, we really did get asked about that once...suddenly I'm craving a spicy tuna roll...brb...
In most cases, we need to examine the instrument in person to determine the scope and pricing of repairs needed.

During your initial visit, we'll inspect your instrument and provide a written quote, so you don't need to drop off your instrument and wait days or weeks for someone to "get back to you." This process typically takes several minutes.

There is no cost or further obligation, unless you authorize us to proceed with the proposed repair work.
We don't offer repairs while you wait, nor do we offer same-day service.

We'll quote price and turn-around time during your initial visit, so you don't need to drop off your instrument and wait days or weeks for someone to "get back to you."

Most playing condition repairs can be completed within a few days. If you have a specific time frame requirement, we'll make *reasonable* accommodations to work with you.
Most playing condition repairs can be ready in a few days. More extensive repairs, such as overhauls, will take longer (typically a few weeks)

We'll provide an estimate of turn-around time when we examine your instrument.

If you have a specific time frame requirement, we'll make *reasonable* accommodations to work with you.
We ship instruments all the time. Please ship to:

South Florida Horns
273 Ohio Road
Lake Worth, FL 33467

Kindly let us know you're sending us your instrument (tracking information is helpful, especially if a signature will be required). We'll contact you once we receive it to discuss any repairs needed BEFORE starting any work.
We prefer cash and Zelle as the primary methods of payment. We'll provide a written receipt of payment and can make change.

We do accept checks payable to "South Florida Horns," but those need to be deposited and clear *before* we release your instrument. This applies to ALL kinds of checks (personal, business, cashier's check, money order, etc.)

We don't accept credit cards or any other forms of payment for repair services.
All repair work comes with a non-transferable thirty (30) day warranty against any defects in parts or workmanship.
No, we don't offer loaner instruments.
For 30 years, the answer was a hard no. "Hell no!" (along with some other possibly colorful/interesting vernacular) was heard in and around our building upon discussion of said question. Every single person who touches your instrument is on South Florda Horns' direct payroll (with the one exception noted just below) working in our facility and receiving a regular paycheck from us.

We also don't operate as a "ghost kitchen" for retail stores' repair needs. No judgment here; it's just not what we do.

We received a few requests within the last year or so to completely restore an instrument's finish. Our cleaning and polishing work exceed standard, and we are set up to provide spot finishing in certain instances, usually when we make or install a replacement part (key, post, tenon, ferrule, crook, etc.), but re-lacquering/replating of an entire instrument, done correctly, is beyond the capability of many shops, including ours.

With that in mind, we have sent several instruments to a well-established firm that does the plating for most of the American band instrument makers, with excellent results. If your horn came from Elkhart, they probably did the original plating. The arrangement is we would receive the instrument, do any necessary cleaning, body/dent work, key fitting, etc., ship it to them, and reassemble/repad/regulate once we receive it back.

Other than working with this one specialist firm, the answer still that we do 100% of everything on site. "Same as it ever was."