Saxophone Repair

We offer several levels of service for your saxophone, including everything from playing condition repairs to complete overhauls. We fix what the others can’t!

Scott – the mouthpiece is very much improved…it’s now playing great. Much thanks!
Alan M. (Salt Lake City, UT)


Every saxophone service includes a full adjustment of the mechanism. A finely-adjusted saxophone ensures that key combinations work as they should.

All of the alternate fingerings are checked and adjusted as needed, by someone who actually plays the saxophone.

Complex key interactions, such as the octave and left pinky mechanisms, are carefully addressed. During this part of the service, pads are adjusted to seal the tone holes and key heights are set to an even, appropriate clearance. Spring tension is adjusted to the player’s preference.


Cleaning the saxophone is cosmetically attractive but is also important to prevent the buildup of dirt, tarnish, and gunk. We use an environmentally safe but effective solution to clean your saxophone.


When we replace pads, we use pads of the correct size and thickness to ensure proper function. On playing condition jobs, new pads (if needed) are selected to complement the existing setup.

When repadding or overhauling your saxophone, we like to use the same type of resonators the factory used, or the type currently installed in the instrument, unless the customer has a specific request. We source our pads from several of the leading pad vendors, based on what will work best for the specific instrument we’re repairing.

We make sure that the tone holes are level for accurate pad seating. We prefer to level each tone hole from the inside out rather than relying on excessive filing – this is especially critical on saxophones with rolled tone holes. Then, various tools are used to reface the rim of the tone hole for a perfect surface.

Body Work

Saxophones are prone to dents and other body damage. We have a broad selection of dent removal equipment and can remove dents from anywhere on your saxophone.

Bent body tubes and pulled-down necks are no problem for us. We can fit the neck, whether original or not, to the body of the sax for an airtight seal.

We also have a full range of soldering equipment, so we can repair anything from a loose post to a key that needs silver soldering. We can also fabricate replacement or extra keys, or modify existing keys.

Key Fitting

As part of an overhaul, all loose play is removed. Without this, adjustments are not as accurate, and common symptoms of poor key fitting include sluggish action, noisy (metallic) action, and buzzing or other vibration during playing.

Each key is swedged tightly around its rod. Adjacent keys are lengthened and squared off to remove side-to-side play. Posts are aligned and worn post holes are shrunk as needed. Key barrels and rods are straightened and polished to ensure smooth, free action.

With our attention to detail and precise workmanship, your saxophone will play effortlessly throughout the full range and have the quietest, most responsive action possible.

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